Santo Amaro Day, May 10. Names for boys

Santo Amaro Day, May 10. Names for boys

Amaro is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means "the one with a dark complexion". It is a very attractive name for any child due to its sound and the strength of character it prints.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Amaro stands out for being a familiar name, of the usual ones, that is not outdated. He celebrates his name day on May 10, which is the day of San Amaro.

Due to the meaning of his name, Amaro has a charismatic personality that stands out for his emotional strength. Amaro is kind and likeable, which is why he succeeds in social relationships, where he is easily admired by others for his awakened intelligence and creativity. In addition, Amaro is a hard-working and competent person whose main objective is the safety of his family.

The name Amaro is not very well known outside of Italy and the Spanish-speaking world. It is especially used in the area of ​​Galicia and Portugal where the cult of Santo Amaro is more frequent. But in any case, it can be the perfect name for your child if you like to put names belonging to tradition up to date.

The popularity of your son's name is due to Saint Amaro, an abbot whose greatest aspiration was to find the Earthly Paradise. Thus a boat was built and followed the course of the Sun across the Ocean. It goes without saying that his journey was full of anecdotes that have contributed to the legend.

But we also know the name Amaro thanks to literature and the work of the Portuguese writer Eca de Queirós, "The Crime of Father Amaro." A novel that marked the beginning of Portuguese realism and that caused a great scandal at the time for its social and religious criticism.

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