Pop-up books: a trunk of surprises for babies

Pop-up books: a trunk of surprises for babies

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Where is it? What's behind the tree? What is hidden under the lapels? These pop-up books, which have the youngest children excited and surprised by the colorful figures that move and suddenly appear under the flaps, are irresistible to babies and toddlers. As soon as they see them, they want to touch them, suck them and discover everything ... and no wonder !! Do you dare to play hide and seek with your baby through books?

If when my daughter was little there were already a lot of pop-up books that drove her crazy, I imagine what could exist in the book market today. I just received two books from the Bruño publishing house that are really cute. The first one, 'Playtime', invites children to search and uncover toys in boxes, in tunnels ... to discover lost dinosaurs and hidden cars. The second of them, 'The farm', proposes the children to find a chick for the mother Hen, a horse in the stable and a beautiful duck behind a bush, in a fun and curious way.

The truth is that these books are a good tool to stimulate the creativity and imagination of babies in their first years of life, at the same time that they bring them closer to books. There is nothing more stimulating for a little one than their mom or dad put them on their lap and start flipping through a book full of surprises like that. In addition, it is an ideal time to strengthen emotional ties between parents and children.

Pop-up books allow reading with children's eyes, hands, ears, and laughter. In the first years of the baby's life, books are toys with which they can play, acquire knowledge, and make relationships between pictures and characters with their names. The book makes it easier for the baby to recognize what is most accessible and at hand, and motivates the little one to search.

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