More measles cases, children at work… Follow us on the Blog

More measles cases, children at work… Follow us on the Blog

If you are against child labor and want to know more about the International Day Against Child Labor, you are interested in the case of the woman who gave birth in mid-flight, two hours after taking off, or you want to know more about the increase in measles cases, here you have all the information. And just by clicking, more on depression in pregnancy, accidents of children at school and the benefits of getting pregnant in the summer. You will find all this and much more in our Blog on our site.

Children working: that has to stop!I know that it seems easy to say that children should not work, especially when not far from where we live there are families that are really hungry and that, although contrary to their own will, they push their young children to work. And I wonder: who are responsible for that? Who are the real culprits for not respecting the signed rights and protecting these little creatures? Their families, us, the governments ... Have you ever thought about it?

Pregnant, better in summer or winter?What is better time to be pregnant, summer or winter? Now that we have so many means to plan pregnancy, it is sometimes possible to choose the best time to face the first or last trimester of pregnancy. And it is that the heat can be an inconvenience or an advantage to face the beginning or the end of pregnancy. It depends on how you look at it.School calls: what happened to my son?What shocks we mothers of young children get when they call us from school! In tenths of a second, everything goes through our heads: a gap or a simple injury, a break, a sprain or a small sprain. Until on the other end of the phone we heard that, despite the regrets, the child is fine, we did not remain a little calm.Against depression in pregnancy, think about your babyWhen pregnancy suddenly bursts into the life of a couple who believe that it is not the time, that the work circumstances are not the most appropriate, that the economic situation is adverse, that the couple's relationship is not going through the best moment or that the cluster of circumstances is not desired by both to have a baby, depression can wreak havoc on pregnant women.Born on the road, a quick deliveryWhen I was pregnant, I was always worried about when I would go into labor, if I would get to the hospital on time, would I have to have my baby on the road or would I go into labor in the middle of the street. Fortunately, I had time to get to the maternity ward because my water broke at home, but the same thing happens not to all of us and if not, tell my mother or the woman who went into labor in mid-flight aboard a Malabo plane -Madrid.Measles is multiplied by ideology or neglect of the parentsThe new trend of not vaccinating children is a cause for concern, which is beginning to cause social alarm, due to the chilling data we are facing. Thus, for example, Spain, which only suffered two cases of measles in 2004, accumulates more than 1,300 so far this year, five times more than in all of 2010.

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Video: Measles - Akron Childrens Hospital video (December 2021).