The best country to be a mother

The best country to be a mother

The answer to this interesting question has just been answered by a Report on the State of the World's Mothers, which the organization has just presented Save the children. Norway, Australia and Iceland are the best places in the world to be a mother.

Why? What conditions do mothers and their babies have in these countries that we don't have in other parts of the world? That is the question that worries me. According to this twelfth Report, in which the best and worst places to be a mother are analyzed based on the educational status, economic, health and political level of mothers, as well as the basic well-being of their children, eight of the ten countries that lead the rankingThey are in Europe, while eight of the ten worst countries to be a mother are in Sub-Saharan Africa. From bottom to top they are listed: Afghanistan, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Yemen, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Mali, Sudan, and Central African Republic.

Spain ranks twelfth, one place higher than last year, below France and Germany and above the United Kingdom and Switzerland. In such a way that, five Nordic nations and two from the southern hemisphere make up the seven best countries to be a mother. They are, in that order, Norway, Australia, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand and Finland. Three European countries (Belgium, the Netherlands and France) complete the top 10 in the index. Colombia ranks 54 at world ranking one of the best countries to be a mother and the third in Latin America. Cuba tops the list of the best Latin American countries to be a mother, before Israel, Cyprus, Argentina, Barbados, South Korea, Uruguay, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and the Bahamas, in that order.

In the "more developed" section there is no Latin American country. Afghanistan is the last in a list of 164 countries analyzed, where two out of every five boys and girls suffer from malnutrition and one in five loses their lives before their fifth birthday. Afghan women have on average less than five years of schooling and their life expectancy is 45 years. In Afghanistan there are only qualified health personnel present in 14 per cent of births, while in Norway practically all births have this type of assistance. Save the children in the report calls on all the governments of the world to strive to improve education, access to health and economic opportunities for women and young people.

Having good medical care from pregnancy to delivery, and then pediatric care for the baby could be one of the reasons why a woman decided for one country and not another. Employment opportunities for parents, providing family economic well-being and education level are also among the main reasons for choosing one country or another. If you could choose, as a citizen of the world, What country would you choose to be a mother and why? Tell us through our official page of our site on Facebook.

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